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The Flashback Tour


It's time to hit the road. Where you'll stop, not even you will know. You'll meet great strangers along the way. Befriend widows, bums, carpenters, hillbillies, sinners, rappers, husbands , locksmiths, and hippies along the way. The people are great, the music is loud, and the drinks are endless. It is time to kick back, and listen to the bands that made everything real for you. Welcome to The Flashback Tour, may your dreams come true.

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3 comments on The Flashback Tour

Do you ever go into your mixes through the tags to see if they are their when you publish them.
I do and I've found it is rare for it to be in rock and classic rock.
Which to me explains the lack of plays and likes.
This mix deserves more plays and likes my friend!!!!!
To me it's gold!!!!

Dude, I am quite pleased to have a rockxpert as yourself find something beautiful in this. :) I am not worried about the plays and likes. If people like what I do, then I am glad I get to share my musical taste with them, but I am not here to be followed, just to share. :) This mixes are mostly for me. I use them every day, and I think it is way awesome that others appreciate my music style. It's a lot of fun, isn't it?

Rockxpert far from it just a fellow music lover
I'm hearing you.I'm the same but if I'm sitting in front of the computer I get bored and do these things.
Cheers buddy