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The Geographer's Tale


A quaint sea-town nestles itself along the banks of the mountain... Kira...
Kira was known for legendary vessels pulling aboard because they had the best seacoast restaurants around. Naturally it was easy to dream of wanting to live life on the sea...
This is Cruz's one chance to climb aboard The Contraption. A vessel built for durability and speed. Listen as Cruz forgoes a journey across the vast sea in epic proportion, stumbling upon a guardian, an evil magic, and battling his way through it all.

Hello, and thank you for stopping by! On this journey, you will find similar tracks to my previous epic mixes. These tracks are the best of the best that were swept under the rug. I hope you enjoy the selections, and my attempt at creating a new story with older tracks.

Much Love Always,

11 tracks
3 comments on The Geographer's Tale

You made my day by dropping this beautiful mix ;D Breathtaking. Takes my mind on a journey far away, especially during "Heart Of Pandaria". These are the right vibes to get me thinking and writing. Thank you very much! XOXO

@earlgreysladyviolet Fantastic!! I am so pleased to see you dropping by more and more. It encourages me to continue making these types of mixes. :D I am pleased you enjoyed yourself here. :)