Is this playlist safe for work?

The Key To Study Is...


This playlist is designated for anyone, of course! But those seeking some focused help during the school year, please head this way and let this background music help guide you to success, and to calmness. Cheers my lovelies!



56 tracks
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This playlist is all I have listened to while studying for my final exams. It is so much more relaxing and focusing than the ones I made (I got too used to them). Thanks for this! Really helpful!

ok here i was happily reading "the fault in our stars" and by the time the book starts to be quite sad "Kiss The Rain by Yiruma" starts to play and thats when I lost it and I can't stop crying, moral of the story; piano+john green= bad bad idea btw I LOVE THIS

Awwww! I am so sorry it made you cry, but happiness does make you cry too, so I am pleased that this plus your reading made you feel overwhelmed. What a great feeling. :D Thanks for taking the time to comment! <3 Much love, always!!!!