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There Is A War Going On In My Mind


The Mind... A powerful place that can be difficult to silence every now and then. Here are some tracks that may help you along your path of inner peace.

Much Love Always,

8 tracks
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This set of compilations are so thoughtfully put together and have helped me get through a few terrifying, lonely 3am's the past few nights. Thank you and much love xx

@Finding Lumos I am terribly sorry for my late late reply!! I am so pleased to hear that these mixes have been helping you. I had to take down this mix for a few months while hunting for different tracks that soundcloud took away. So this mix is slightly different now. :) Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you around these parts more often. :D

well this one is more than perfect. had a tedious project that I wasn't looking forward to (packaging for serialized engineering samples) but this helped me move right through it. really gorgeous Nico. excellent mix.