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Used and Abused


Progressive House and Dubstep Remixes of classic and new age music.
30+ tracks that include Robotic Pirate Monkey, Nero, and Pretty Lights

Edit: Added Katy Perry's The One That Got Away (Tommie Sunshine Remix) and Northface Giggles (Robotic Pirate Monkey VS Lupe Fiasco Remix)

38 tracks
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Haha. What other type of music do you like? I have all music for all moods basically. I can help point you in the right direction, even if it isn't my playlist. I have a lot of talented friends on here. :)

There really isn't a type of music that I shy away from besides country, As you can tell from the playlists I have liked I'm big time into electronic right now and absolutely love mash ups / electronic with female vocals. I like songs that are chopped and changed to be better than the original (feed me's melancholy hill remix). Probably couldn't send me any rap playlist that I wouldn't love. Also love covers and the 90's baby in me loves throwback playlists. You have been doing a great job so hard guiding me in the right direction ;)

Okay, one mix I have a good feeling you'll enjoy is "Good Morning Coffee." It's feel-good, upbeat morning music from different genres that I really enjoy listening to while drinking a steaming cup of coffee.

Yeah, I figured once after these next couple, I'll start guiding ya to my friends' playlists. They are much more talented than I haha.

Hey man, I think you have a good ear for music. It's really all that it takes. I have been enjoying what you have been putting down. Whats your name btw?

You are very welcome. My name is Alyssa. We need a better way to exchange playlists outside of commenting continuously on this one playlist haha

I also have a soundcloud account that has an inbox feature, if that you have soundcloud - That would be the easiest way to share music with you too. :)