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For all those insomniacs out there... Here's a little beat sample to get you through the night. Enjoy the warm milk.

Much Love Always,

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Love the mix, but I wouldn't consider it instrumental with all the vocal samples. Just a suggestion to reconsider that tag! Thanks!

@minamooshie Thank you for the constructive criticism! I went back and listened to this to see if I included more lyrical tracks than I had intended. Normally, my mixes do not just consist of just one specific tag, unless specified otherwise. So the first 4 tracks have some form of vocal influence. I did not realize that it was so much vocal as I really try to just make these flow in the best possible way. I appreciate your feedback so much, and I have changed the tag to electronic since that is what most if not all of this is. I feel this is a better suited tag. Please let me know if you have any other criticisms, I would love to here them! <3

@nulkmad This playlist is wonderful!! Don't change anything about it. It was just the tag that I wanted to mention :) Keep being awesome!