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Welcome To The Octopus' Garden


Wouldn't that be something... An Elepus... Whelp, enjoy your tunes...

Much Love Always!!

P.s. This is my first mix as a paying customer!! 8tracks, thank you so much for everything you do!! <3

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@DJ_Serenity This one was hard! It originally was all soundcloud tracks. I still have nearly 40 playlists that are broken because of soundcloud... Maybe this is why I am struggling to make it back. I put so much work into this just to have it all ripped away. But, I need to make another soon. :)

@nulkmad Oh man that sucks! Yeah 8tracks really went downhill when they made all these changes. I have to create Youtube playlists now for those who can't listen outside of the country. Yeah, it's hard to deal with when you put so much work into something and it just gets ripped away. Sending all my love.