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Wrap your fingers around a warm cup of tea, and snuggle in your blanket as this peaceful indie mix guides you into a beautiful state of mind.

Much Love Always,

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This playlist, the songs, the sequence, somehow it all sound familiar to me. But I can't put my mind around it. I don't remember where I heard these songs in this sequence.

@ysyrn I follow a lot of Indie fans on Soundcloud that put similar sets together that I sample through, and we all share flavors as we get to know each other through this 8tracks community. I am not sure where you have heard these songs before, but I hope I have helped. It is what music sharing is all about, anyways. :) Thanks for taking a listen too!! Cheers :)

I! Can't! Stop! Listening! I wished they didn't have a limitation on how often you can listen to the same playlist. :-(

@thai.cao.pham-412 Well thank you for the love! I have other Indie playlists if you need to take a break from this one. Especially if you are being limited!! <3 Take a look at my profile and scroll down to Indie/Singer-Songwriter playlists. :) Cheers!

@izzy.a.franklin-331 I found it on reddit under perfect loops. And thank you so much for the awesome feedback! I am glad you found this enjoyable! <3

@izzy.a.franklin-331 I was so curious too that I looked it up myself! I can't put the website in a comment, but if you go to the website for ann street studio, search cinemagraphs, and its on page 6! The story is called "He loves me not"