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Chopin - My Favorite Works


A true list of my favorite Chopin works would be much longer than this, but I have to follow 8-Tracks rules and am limited by both album and artist. So, here are my top pics from one of my favorite composers.

Tracks are in opus order:
- "Revolutionary" Etude
- Mazurka in a minor, op.17/4
- Piano Concerto no. 2 in f minor, III. Allegro Vivace
- Ballade in g minor
- Etude in f minor, op. 25/2
- "Ocean" Etude, op. 25/12
- "Raindrop" Prelude
- Prelude in d minor, op.28/24
- Fantaisie in f minor, op. 49
- "Heroic" Polonaise
- Scherzo no. 4 in E
- Nocturne in Eb, op.55/2
- Berceuse [Theme and Variations]
- Barcarolle
- Cello Sonata in g minor, I. Allegro Moderato
- Fantasy Impromptu
- "Farewell" Waltz in Ab, op.69/1

Total run time: 1 hr, 32 min

17 tracks
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