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how far we've come


a make-you-laugh-make-you-cry legolas/gimli fanmix that follows our two favorite in-love dorks through their beautiful relationship.

starts out pretty silly, gets pretty shippy, then you're totally gonna cry

(see annotations for a general idea of where the songs fit in with the relationship!)

tracklist and full story here (if you're too impatient to wait and find out!):

18 tracks
4 comments on how far we've come

I love this mix so so so much!!!! The amount of love and care you've put in the order of the songs and the story they tell and the annotations aaaahhhh IT'S SO GREAT! THANK YOU! It successfully made me cry also, these two are so wonderful together ;w;

@jaegervega Omigosh, thank you so much! You have no idea how happy this comment makes me. Is it weird to say that I'm glad it made you cry? I'm awful, haha

Love this fanmix. I was glancing up from my grading papers at every change of song to read the annotations and smiling foolishly every time.

I'm so glad you love it -- especially the annotations, haha! I put a lot of thought into the annotations, so I'm really glad they made you smile!