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Hiding at the end of the universe - 060909

2 comments on Hiding at the end of the universe - 060909

Phenomenal opener! it was.. how do i say.... deafening? haha this track is killin it x100

Oceansize---Paper Champion...DOPE

Forever Lost.. in this song. Lovin this!!

Friscalting Bliskaaliting miskaliting whatever! this shit is off the chain. entrancing, love it!

This Will Destroy You-- The guitar kinda reminded me of Explosions in the Sky if ya ever heard them. Very melodic tune, beautiful!

Mogwai-- eerie and delicious!

Been meanin' to get me some of that Static..good shit.

sleepmakeswaves...MMmmmm DAMn son! Some excellent grabs in here, good shit i havent heard of too. Loved this mix ALL THE WAY through 100%