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A Journey Of Mind


Here are some tracks to help you relax and focus on what you have to do...Get your coffee, grab your pen and go!
And even if you don't have to study (or you don't want to), just close your eyes and let your mind travel..
Including tracks of Mogwai, The String Quartet and Thomas Newman.
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24 tracks
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Kαι επειδή το προηγούμενο σχόλιο έγινε στην αρχή του πλειλιστιού, έχω να πω (τωρα που ειμαι στο τελος), εχεις κανει εξαιρετικη επιλογη στα κομμάτια, είμαι :O. Μερσί πουρ λ'εξπιριανς. :D

it's referred to the common incident of students (in America mostly) breaking in schools and killing people...
sorry for the distrurb :P
I am glad you liked the rest of it :)

Yann Tiersen was on my mind but in the end I just forgot to put it :P
so, it will be on the list when I make the first edit, along with other beautiful songs :)
keep in touch!

Great! loving this playlist, helping me buckle down and get some work done. thank you. also, there are a few songs that make me feel like im watching planet earth! haha