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This is an absolutely GORGEOUS playlist. Amazing!! 'Discombobulate' is great for the plot of book 1, while the entire Scarlet section ... *feigns heatstroke* I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that only a few of these songs could be found on iTunes, because each one of them is PERFECT. Now I'm curious to know if there's any more where this came from - will you be composing any more TLC mixes? *starry eyes* I'd be first in line to listen!

@midnightsnapdragon thank you so much :D I got a request for a linh cinder playlist that i'm going to get to eventually :D I take requests too, so if there's anything in particular that you want let me know

@nymja I'm very excited!! Your instrumental playlists, I think, are the most stunning; they have a sort of 'gut feeling' which is ... practically magical. I am hoping that you will do more of that for the Lunar Chronicles.