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Dime in the Jukebox


Great songs to dance to through the decades. Inspired by songs you’d hear at diners and drive-ins, with a little edge.

16 tracks
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Best old music playlist on here, in my opinion!! I love it, you've got some of my favorite bands, and only a few sons I didn't know, and they were good, too!! <3

What do I think about this play list? Not sure at the moment but I did copy the photo of John Travolta from Greece which I will write my experience about. The film was make in Brooklyn, NY I believe on 8th ave and 65th street. I do not recall exactly but I do remember watch the movie being film at a local. coffee or ice cream parlor a bock or tow from where I lived. Did I take a photo with Travolta and Jon, nope but I did see them acting. Greece is a nice young at heart story, as was whatchamacallit with actress, singer, dancer Rita Moreno. Good enjoyable movies of our fortunate time in life that can not be replaced or re-done in any revised version. We at that time were lucky to have been alive in the 50',60's maybe some part of the seventies but then it music and performers were changed. At that time in my life I turned off the radio.