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A Tribute to Japanese Space Pop & Psychedelic Rock

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eezy-peezy! just upload a .7z, .zip or .rar. copy to a temp upload site like tempfiles.net and post the file link here in reply to this comment, like this!:

(if you reply directly to comments, people then can be notified immediately via email to replies, just hover the mouse over the comment then the reply option should become available)
[when we're done swapping, we should delete the comments containing the download links, don't know how 8tracks feels about us doing this but oh well!]

looks like you'll have to cut'n'paste that download link into a new browser, 8tracks cut that link in half so just clicking on it wont work.

a short flick, a spacey rocktacular operady of milky dimensions...!:

You have a copy of that Chimera Sampler, I have a copy of Sunn O))) & Boris - Altar Prelude [Special Edition] <(a bonus single) that has the 28:14 minute long track Venom, care to be assed enough to do an online swap?