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Make No Plans v.1


Typically, for 8tracks, my mixes have been tightly (rigidly?!) organized around a theme or genre. Here, I depart from that formula. My only guiding principles were that I attempt to sample from a variety of my favorite genres and make smooth segues from tune to tune.

So, this is a stab at sonic odyssey. You'll hear 70s jazz fusion, Brit new wave, Jamaican rock steady, and much more...Artists include The Meters and David Bowie...

13 tracks
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Yeah...Thanks so much for listening! Glad u like some/all o' it! Takin a cue from u, i hope to build out some more eclectic, free-wheeling mixes in the semi-near future...Keep on mixin in the free world!

The core reason my mixes come out mixed like that is because I became allergic to radio: I ƒfffucking HATE radio! Seriously, the only radio I own is the alarm clock set to the messy spastic static between two close stations to annoy my ass awake.
I just got sick & tired of hearing the same bands' same songs less than an hour and a half later, or how it went "somehow" from Soundgarden to Audio Slave to Chris Cornell, or all those minutes of commercials are of mindless droning drivel and the biggest offense was I got sick of hearing how segregated most of music is on the radio; even "so-called" multi-genre/best-of stations only played what corporations pushed in the first place to be liked anyways out of what was left from being limited and censored... I just snapped one day like seven/eight years ago and bashed in my stereo & other radios. DONE.
So, I listen to everything on the CAIDIS randomized through foobar2000 (seriously, thee BEST shuffling balance I've ever felt); most of the mixes I put up are the from the whims of the CAIDIS itself, I mostly just set the order of play to get that ƒlow from one track into another, or cutting out silent sections and/or trimming/cleaning up starts/ends with a pinch of wavepad trimming'n'fading-in/out. Oh, if multiple tracks of an album are actually a nice long flow in one piece of sound like it's one whole song then I'll mix them together into the longest I can fit into 8tracks track limits. That's pretty much all there is to it, really.

Whoa! Feel like I'm reading something from Philip K Dick. CAIDIS? Foobar2000?

But yeah, I'm totally with u on the the stagnate state of radio, etc. Infuriatingly bland, homogenized. Guess that's all many people want/require.

Truth b told, music is the main art form I'm really demanding about. When it comes to stuff like theatre, dance, etc., I have no interest/taste. So, folks in those worlds likely think my preferences in other art forms are pretty pedestrian.

http://www.foobar2000.org/ is a pretty amazing little music player that is really tiny and hardly touches your processor/RAM which means no stress to your computer so it's perfect for older computers, and since it is somewhat open-source there is a lot of add-ons you can find people have made for the world to use with it if you want like Rainmeter or suchwhat.
The CAIDIS http://8tracks.com/frankenmartin-indeed/a-universe-within-the-your-definitive-audiological-guide-phonicalogicalenchiridion-of-the-caidis/ is the name of my computer, I love SciFi and especially Doctor Who too so I named my PC... the CAIDIS!: Computational And Internetworking Device In Service.
Yeah I hear you about loving music, I listen to music all the time, even in my sleep (I have like 13,000 tracks on my computer (some of them took weeks and months to get!)), to me I guess I see it as wine-tasting for my own pleasure... BUT WITH MY EARS!!