O, You Sinners
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Of Man-Made Monsters


Mightiest Father of Wolves,
Bringer of the End,
The One who Broke Free;
He who inflicts Vengeance upon the Deserving!

Hear me as I howl.
My lungs will burn for you,
Screaming into the night

"Save me,
Teach me,
Empower me."

I will bare my teeth and snarl;
In my eyes they will see Justice,
And in their final moment
They will realize that
Wolves seldom travel alone.


A Devotional playlist for Fenrisulfr, God of Vengeance, the Damned, and Man-Made Monsters.
My walk with Him is just on the rise, and I am raring to begin.

I offer these songs to the Wolf, in lieu of physical sacrifice. I have poured my soul into this playlist; I may only hope that He takes pride in my choices.

13 tracks
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