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late nights in the library


To learn something, to master something, anything, is as sweet as first love.

- Geoffrey Wolff

Note: Mostly instrumental :) I've added just a few with words but I feel like they don't take away from the study feel !

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I ended up looking up "peng", too. It is "used to describe anything of exceptional quality." And that's just what this playlist is. I currently have song 9, Enya's "Gladiator" playing. And it has just switched to "Harry's Wondrous World" by John Williams from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. This is one of my favorite playlists to listen to. It's the perfect amount of calm and optimistic music that is light and hopeful and just leaves me feeling happy.

@taylorham95 We learn something new everyday it seems and in the most random of places :) Honestly this is one of the sweetest comments I have ever gotten, thank you so much for making my tiring day that much better. I'm glad that you enjoyed the playlist !

Hello! where may this track be from? : 6番目の駅 オルゴール (The Sixth Station) by bangbangshow, I can't seem to find it anywhere! Also great playlist!! :)