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The Price


"Can you even picture that? Do you have any idea what it feels like to be so totally gone on someone you know is /never/ gonna feel the same way?"

Derek's voice drags out, raw and broken.

"....I do now."


Okay, everyone who hasn't, go read "The Price" by theroguesgambit on ao3. DO IT.

((This mix is in 3 parts. i: stiles, ii: derek, and iii: thats what love is.))
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I CAN'T MAAAAKE YOU LOVE ME IF YOU DON'T. full on sobbing starts. really did not expect anyone to make a mix for the fic - has it been that long since it broke my heart? ought to read it again while listening to this, but for now this mix just has to make do as a study mix 3. I bet it's excellent though! gr8 job!