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can't get you out of my head

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I favorited every single song I've listened to so far. i never do that. I also never leave comments...but dear god this is a fantastic tracklist and I just had to say something. :) it's like crack. keep it up

lmao so yeah I made an 8tracks just so I can leave you comments and touch you all over the internet lmao. Boyfran THIS IS WONDERFUL augh these two THESE TWO. It's just so fun and cracky and full of ridic love which is perfect for them. AND LIKE YOU SAID, SEXY. Let's just have sexy times forever for these two. (what is this insane comment asldkfs)

lmao I love the heist genre and was pretty much looking for any excuse ugh this fst really did happen. Since there are already serious fsts for this movie I decided I might as well go with what I'm good at: sexy/ridiculous. Asdfghjk this is the music I'd want soundtracking my heist shenanigans, basically.