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places, places, get in your places


throw on your dress and put on your doll faces / everyone thinks that we're perfect / please don't let them look through the curtains /

or, when your world is spun upside down because your parents are actually soviet spies

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I love this so much! Tell me, where did you get the title of the mix from/why use that line instead of something else? i really loved the dollhouse song, so is that where it fits in? Like, 'lets pretend to be a perfect family when everything is a lie' (in paige's mind)? Anyway, thank you so much for making this, I love it with everything I have :)

@dumastory I'm so happy you love it! As far as the title goes, yeah, it's a line from 'Dollhouse' (& you should check out the original version, since it's so much more gothic; I couldn't find it when I was putting this together). That specific lines comes from the idea that was introduced at the end of 'Stingers', when Stan walks in for dinner & everyone acts like everything is perfectly normal & Paige is sitting there like 'WTF'; & then in 'Anton Blakanov', when Elizabeth & Philip struggle to keep Paige from blurting everything out because they know it's a lot to process -- so sort of that idea that Paige is learning her parents have specific roles carved out for everyone to keep their cover in check & her struggle to process & keep going at the same time. I think most of this mix could be applicable to Paige prior to 'Stingers', but 'Dollhouse' in particular is one of the few songs where she needed to find out the truth for the song to fit. I considered plenty of others lines for a title, & I always had the idea that it would come from a lyric -- 'Dollhouse' jumped out right at me because it's very plainly about a girl learning of the truth & deception that her family has been hiding all this time & her attempts to reconcile new information with her worldview. tl;dr it's a line from 'Dollhouse' because it fits very well!