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take me to the river


for transcontinental red-eyes and multi-day train rides;
for a town built on the backs of women and the family who epitomizes it;
for a warrior and her messy, bloody promise;

for rose hathaway, a mix of twelve songs her soul needed to hear as she set off across russia and the world to face her biggest problems;

(or, a pumped up, girl power mix that would've helped her get through the toughest days of book four)

11 tracks
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@absolems and! I just remembered I had a couple of tracks missing (that have now been restored!) so if you listen again, you can get the whole experience.

@absolems naww, thanks! It was originally a Bo$$/Salute (5thH/LM) mashup but I couldn't find another version, so I figured Saltue on its own worked better than Bo$$ on its own. I'm so happy you like the mix!