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AvaOdin Inspiration


This is a collection of songs from Michelle's (the author of Ava's Demon) personal Spotify collection of music that inspired her as she was drawing. I just picked out the music that sounded the most romantic/suggestive of AvaOdin to me, although the songs could certainly be interpreted differently. Hope you enjoy- all credit for music selection, and credit for the cover photo art, goes to the wonderful Michelle Czajkowski.

  • Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
  • SleepingWithSirens by sleepingwithsirens
  • Bachelorette by Bjork
    (This isn't on Michelle's spotify, but she identified it on the forums as the song that she most associated with Ava)
  • All I Want by Dawn Golden
  • Here With Me by Susie Suh x Robot Koch
  • Suite bergamasque : III Clair de lune by James Rhodes
  • "I Have Loved You For A Thousand Lifetimes" from the recording "Dancing In Black and White" by Michael Whalen Music
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