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i was in the darkness, so darkness i became


Catastrophy runs through her veins and wickedness has made a home in her heart.

She is an enigma. She is a paradox.

But most of all, she is a force to be reckoned with. A whirlwind storm of death, disaster and blistering rage.

Look into her eyes, what do you see?

Darkness. Torment. Agony. Loneliness.

She is an ocean of vivid emotion, all transformed into a fury to fuel her for a one women war. Anger is the only way she knows not to be weak. It drives her over the edge to do what she's capable of--spill enough blood to drown in.

Beware of the devil, for she is a woman with raven hair and hard grey eyes and a maliciously stunning smile made for battle.

Maybe she'll come for you next.

(original characters)

(updated 05/30/2017)

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