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Get out, go travel.


A playlist about my novel, Beautiful Reaching Hands. Five friends decide to travel the world over the summer of their sophomore year of college, documenting the trip by painting, making music, writing, photographing, and videotaping everything they do, learning about each other and overcoming unforeseen hardships.

This playlist is music that exemplifies the fun of travelling the world by showcasing 43 relatively unknown bands. Enjoy 2 ½ hours of music as you go explore the world for yourself.

43 tracks
5 comments on Get out, go travel.

I absolutely love this! I'm studying abroad right now, and hearing music like this makes it even better when I'm relaxing and journaling!! Thanks for making it! :)

Since its been a year since someone has asked about your novel, how's it going? I actually just looked through your playlist descriptions, and I can honestly say this is a book I want to read. So excited for when you complete it!

@starstruckxequine It's going pretty well! I plan to write most if not all of it over January. I won't publish it for a while though, as I'd like to finish college first. Thanks for checking up on it though! It's more encouraging than you can imagine!

you said that the playlist is about your novel "Beautiful Reaching Hands". I'd like to read it, i googled it,but i couldn't find anything... Is there anywhere where i can buy it/download it?

Sorry, but actually, it's not finished yet! I haven't made plans on making it public for a while, but when I do, I'll certainly promote it on my profile! Thanks for your interest!