Ocean, Blue
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A Sterek inspired playlist. To help post-nogitsune Stiles sleep through the night

As a fic accompaniment to 'I'll wrap up my bones, And leave them' by Lunacanislupus_22 on AO3 http://archiveofourown.org/works/3868573/chapters/8644843

32 tracks
2 comments on BREATHE, DON'T DIE

Loved the fic, forgot about the playlist for a while because I was reading on my phone and couldn't really run this site so well then. I just remembered it because insomnia is winning the fight and has been for like, two or three weeks now. Great playlist, I can see how it might help someone level out post-demonic possession lol.

@Shamble_Slowly Thanks so much!!! Sorry about the insomnia, that really sucks! Yeah, haha seems like it would be a difficult thing to make a realistic playlist for recovering from demonic possession and all but there you go hahah

I read the fic and learnt that there was actually a playlist and I had to listen. The playlist is amazing, can't stop listening to it, and the fic is brilliant