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color me blue


"Hajime, am I good enough?" Oikawa asks, voice so uncharacteristically quiet something inside of Iwaizumi feels like it's been cracked open.
- Regicide King, http://archiveofourown.org/works/1684754

the other day i realized that i do not, in fact, have an iwaoi angst playlist ᕕ(╥_╥)ᕗ don't think for a second i'm not capable of angst
what's iwaoi with angst, am i right? *nervous laughter progresses into sob*

tracklist: http://toorumlk.tumblr.com/post/141278590984/color-me-blue-hajime-am-i-good-enough-oikawa

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I'm yelling because I've been listening to this playlist long enough that I was startled when I noticed the cover image had changed omg

@beefystew ahh i didnt mean to startle you!! ;-; i felt the need to change the cover as i started to post my own art ;;;; IM SORRY I KNOW THAT WAS A BIG STEP, I WAS SCARED TO CHANGE IT///// But thank you for listening