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Part I: A princess makes a wizard help find her dead fiance who turns out to be not so dead after all. Together a princess, a wizard and a prince make one unlikely trio as they unravel a mystery.

Picture credit goes to anndr: http://anndr.deviantart.com/art/Unconquered-castle-201273253

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Really loving this track, and the fact it has a story to it makes it all the better. I'm just imagining some stage performers or a cutesy animation that's entirely silent pardon the music. Really digging it, instant favorite

@100002825686465 I don't know how long this comment was posted (so forgive me if this is a super late relpy!) but that's super cool! Both of those ideas would be amazing~

BTW: Forgive me for aounding stupid but, what does IMPR stand for? I love some music you have with that label, but cant find it.