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A U G U S T '16


returning to reality after an incredible summer has been challenging and sad, but I'm trying to evolve that into motivation. this is my first semester as a Journalism major (!!!!) and truly living by myself "far" from home.

includes Banks, Shura, Frank Ocean, and more.

listen to last month's playlist here: http://8tracks.com/octahate/j-u-l-y-16
listen to 2015's august playlist here: http://8tracks.com/octahate/a-u-g-u-s-t-15

22 tracks
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Lately 8tracks playlists haven't been my cup of tea, I tend to skip most of them. But this playlist, from start to finish has kept me intrigued. Thanks for introducing me to artists I haven't heard of before. This playlist is quite the catch.