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mystery incorporated


For the keep out signs always ignored, for the suburban air that rots like the benevolence of Coolsville’s citizens, for exorcising ghouls and unmasking the fakes.

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I love this so much, oh my god!! I wish they would make a scooby doo adaptation for older audiences with exactly this vibe (@netflix come on)

Wow, I really love this mix! You did an amazing job of getting that mysterious feeling from the show but also make it sound more serious and dark. This is a great playlist!!

@nnax i really love the mysterious feeling that scooby doo has and tbh my dream is to have a spinoff dedicated to older viewers with a more dark and serious vibe to it haha anyway, thank you so much! xx

this is so coool! i wasn't sure what to expect but i'm loving it. sets the scene up for scooby doo as a more serious show.

@kadma thank you so much! it makes me really happy that you got that i was trying to make it sound a bit more serious than scooby doo as we know it haha