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the ultimate sleep list.

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So, I never knew I could give thanks for this playlist through comment . . . For years, I have settled into bed on a night much like tonight, and have experience the feelings of 'this random girl' who goes by, October. You my friend, have allowed my insomnia to be seduced with this lovely collection of music for many countless (sheep) nights. Not only is the music soft and relaxing, I can really feel the connection of how these songs play true to my own life. Thank you, @october (Have a listen people, its worth it!) P.S. Xanax & Blood Bank FTW! :)

Nice this is a really good song and i am like very picky on who i pick and stuff like that and this seriously is like the bomb!!!!! :) :)

I am always looking for the best music to sleep to. Thanks for this. It's so good. Sleep by Azure Ray is amazing. My favorite sleep album is Takk... by Sigur Ros. Glosoli being my fav.