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back to school

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this playlist is my favorite EVER!! i've never felt moved to comment on a playlist before but this is so great for work, thank you so much!!

The amount of times this playlist has saved my academic life is astonishing. Whenever I have to get into the 'essay writing zone' or 'general assignment that I kinda don't want to do but have to do zone' this is where I go to right away. Thanks for compiling such a cohesive and awesome playlist!

@moony_rurouni Wow this is such high praise! I'm so glad this playlist has helped you out. You're very welcome :) thanks for the really nice comment!

This is one of my favorite playlists! Whenever I cannot get in the mood to study, I put this on and it's like magic for my concentration! All your playlists are great; thank you for sharing them with us all! :)