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space nico

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Keith is the space Nico, amazing job of describing Keith, have you done a playlist for Lance yet? Also, the music is really relatable for me, Keith is like the twin I've always wanted, but never had, and with the music, I feel like I've felt the pain he's gone through. Thank you fo creating this beautiful playlist

I love this playlist so much!! I've been thinking about keith a lot in these past few days and this is the only playlist that gets what I'm feeling (If that made any sense???) it goes through different emotions and I love it I've been drawing some keiths listening to this more than once!!

@celestias No I totally get what you mean and that's exactly why I made it! That's so cool that other people get that same feeling :) and it's also awesome that you've been drawing to it! I'm very glad you like it :)

hello! this playlist is so beautiful! i've been listening to it a lot lately. bless you. also one thing, i tried to look up the first song, but i can't find it. i'm not sure if this is the right title, 'home sweet home - ubisoft.' please let me know the correct title if it's wrong, thank you! ❤

@dookyuckie Hi! Thank you so much I'm so glad you like it! About the song, try searching 'home sweet home beyond good and evil' as that is the title of the game and ubisoft is the creator. I searched that in google to make sure and it was the first video to popped up on youtube! Also, if you want the entire playlist, you can use http://www.re-track.com/ just enter in the playlist URL and all the songs will pop up for download! Have a lovely day :)