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strawberry gashes


A mix for the mentally disturbed who gets lost in narcotics because they're neurotic. They don't love often, but when they do they love hard, and perhaps a little too much. They enjoy long walks on the beach and unnecessary homicide. For the haunted and unwell. For those who self-harm just to feel something, those who rather be abused than be loved, those who need to be hospitalized or already are.

14 tracks
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I'm only about halfway through this mix, but it's pretty lovely, Roxy. And I dig the way you did the track listing!

@nihilists Awww, shucks. Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. I figured I'd get fancy with the track list since 8tracks won't let people add music that isn't from soundcloud anymore. It gave me an excuse to find and upload my own music and make it all purdy.

@oculi Yeah, I was bummed about the recent exclusion of soundcloud too. Again, though - I enjoyed listening to this, and I'm going to check out the other one you just posted when I get a chance as well. Take care!