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Songs To Kill a Man To (fuck being polite)


the only badass playlist you will ever need [actually killing a man is not advised]

I didn't think I had to say this but this playlist is NOT literally about killing someone, it's about badass songs. I'm sorry if you feel misled.

26 tracks
2 comments on Songs To Kill a Man To (fuck being polite)

SO great. Perfect for when you're a little pissed off but still need to get stuff done. (Helped me power through some homework tonight!)

I'm so glad you liked it! I agree, I listen to it when I'm a little pissed off too, and it works great. I actually have a playlist for when I'm a lot pissed off too that I'll post within the next few weeks, so if you get a bit more pissed off you can come back and listen to that haha.

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