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alive, alive, alive


“what you are is a fucking tragedy, simon snow. you literally couldn’t be a bigger mess.”
he tries to kiss me, but i pull back - “and you like that?”
“i love it.” he says.
“because we match.”
― rainbow rowell, carry on

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@ofbeedlethebard I have more than 30 books i haven't read staring at me right now.. I need the sweet mix of gay fluff and angst! Btw I really like your music taste so please make more amazing play lists :D

@nhungeberg aha, same i like NEED rainbow rowell to write a sequel desperately, it's legit killing me. and thank you, i actually had a few playlists in mind, i'm probably gonna post them by the end of this month! :)

So I had to copy this list to spotify because i NEED to listen to it more than twice every 8 hours! Damn it's perfect. (And i'm now in the biggst reading slump because of Carry on.. )

@nhungeberg aw thank you so much, that means a lot! i'm glad you like the playlist and i know, right? i have the worst book hangover because of carry on... literally any book i pick seems utter crap compared to it.