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100 Summer Bangers


Huuuuuge mix to bump for the rest of the summer.
All the best EDM; including house, trap, & more!

ALSO, BIG shout out to Tommy Vice for hooking me up with the cover art on this mix.
Please go check out his channel, his mixes are fire and he makes them for all types of music! Get him the recognition he deserves.

99 tracks
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Ive been blasting this shit around the city in my car and Ive gotten so many fist pumps by strangers. I'll definitely be rocking this for a while

I didn't say i wanted to fight you. Just making sure you knew how fucking homosexual your comment was. I really would respect this site more if you stopped your commenting. I feel a little bad for you.

What's so homosexual about that comment? Also what's the reason for you feeling bad for me, I think you forgot who the person who first came here and started talking shit was...

Just ignore him...fist pumps=win...this site isn't for drama, let the little kid type whatever he wants...ENJOY THE MUSIC :D Good mix by the way lol!!

LOVE! but what is going on with Weapon by Cazzette?? it's not the right song and its not a banger at all?? but well done, this is amazing ! :D

Hahaha, dude I have no idea why. The actual song "Weapon by Cazzette (Vicetone Remix)" is dope! But for some reason every time I upload it some weird song comes up. Good find!