I'm a DJ and Music Producer from Ireland, but now located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I listen to music of all genres as I feel every piece of music has something to offer, and something to learn from. 8Tracks is a great platform to have playlists to suit different environments and moods. Study, chilling alone, chilling with friends, partying, driving or whatever it may be, there's a playlist for the occasion.

Be sure to "follow" me for more playlists and if you enjoy the content, and please "like" it as it motivates me to make more! It's always nice to hear users are enjoying something you put time into making so if you leave a comment, I'll try respond to everyone!

Also, if you have any interest in my musical journey, mixes or original tracks you can check them out on the following page:

Thanks all, and I hope you enjoy the tunes as much as I do!

- l a m b o -