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Deep House Essentials - Summer 2014


Some Deep House Summer tracks. Perfect for chilling with friends, or just relaxing. Hope you enjoy this music as much as I do.

22 tracks
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What I could do is make a mix of all these tracks and upload the mix? I could send it to you Via some web hosting site?

@jacob.hascalovici @lordstanley2thewings No but I could make a mix and upload it to soundcloud / mixcloud? I have some new tracks too that are similar that are also very good!

As a DJ, I take pride in my music selection, and the fact I have got 1000 likes on this playlist really means a lot. Thank you all to everyone who liked it and listened! My mix is now Platinum!! Check out my other mixes too if your interested, and don't forget to follow me for more! Thanks again everyone.