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Into The Deep


More of the greatest Deep House tracks out there! This playlist is a bit heavier than the chill playlists I have been posting recently, but I felt it was time to change it up a bit! Some absolute killer tracks from artists like Ten Walls, Duke Dumont, Oliver Heldens, and a lot more. This is an excellent playlist to listen to before you head on a night out and it contains some tracks that I play quiet a lot in my DJ sets! Enjoy!!

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9 tracks
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@LeAwesomeKiki I agree, most of these tracks are true Deep House tracks, most "Deep House" tracks people post are actually chill house! Well, in my opinion anyway!

@lambo067 no it's true! A friend who is legitimately into deep house laughed when I gave him my 'deep house mix' I realized why when I heard his. There's a huge distinction, I'm more into chilled house myself but the terms just keep changing & evolving so I call everything that's not housey house either deep or melodic.

@LeAwesomeKiki I've learned the difference through listening to a lot of music!! Also, being a DJ you kinda get to understand different Genres, because diffrerent Genres are different BPM and the BPM of a track alone can tell you the type of house music a sub-genre is, chill house is between 100 - 116, deep house is 120 - 125, electro house is 128-130 etc. :)