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Trans! Hux


I'm honestly so down for a trans hux haha! I was shocked that there weren't any playlists so.. I made one!!

Personally, I headcanon that Hux's father was actually happy that Hux was trans, and tbh I don't see this being a problem in their relationship. I see his mom having a slight problem, but of course, her voice is ignored. I think that Hux's father is slightly sexist, so like the fact that Hux in Brendol Sr.'s opinion, "Chose to be a man" makes him proud in some sort of way. So even though Brendol Sr. accepts Hux, it's almost a sexist and uncomfortable kind of acceptance. I hope that this makes sense!

I hope that this playlists can accurately depict what Hux must be going through during his transition, and I hope that you like it!

Happy Trans Hux Tuesday!

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@oliver-t-112352 Haha!! omg, thank you so much!!! If you don't mind me asking, are you trans? If you're uncomfortable with the question, I get it!

@oliver-t-112352 Ah, okay! I was asking, because if you had any song recs for like transitioning, I'd use them! But hey, lesbians are hella rad!