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So I wanted to make a mix that was just live performances by bands that I like, and made this. Enjoy!

  • American Idiot by Green Day
  • All Time Low (Live Acoustic 31st of May 2013) by Damned If I Do Ya
  • Where Is Your Boy by Grand Theft Autumn
  • The Kids from Yesterday (Live) by My Chemical Romance
  • Nine In The Afternoon (Live in Melbourne) by Panic! at the Disco
  • Carry on (Live @ Grammy's 2013) by fun.
  • Love Selfish Love Patrick Stump Rolling Stone Live by Kamylú Benzedrine-Colfer
  • All Time Low (Live At Slam Dunk South 2013) by Therapy
  • 19/06/2010 by Green Day Live
  • Fall Out Boy (Live) by "The Phoenix"
  • Green Light by P.Stump
  • Panic at the Disco (Live Denver) by But It's Better If You Do
  • Helena( Acoustic Studio Session) by My Chemical Romance
13 tracks
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