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To Emma, love Killian

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I can't even tell you how often I turn to this playlist when I'm writing. Thanks for making it, and for having such amazing songs for these two idiots that make my heart hurt. XD

@jamespadfoot Same, my heart can't take all these feels idk how I'm going to make it alive to the finale! I'm planning on making a new one for the Dark!Emma arc or for the finale, but until then I'll keep updating the ones I have :)

I SERIOUSLY LOVE THIS PLAYLIST AND IT HAS HALL AND OATES AND JUST WOW. a ton of people are listening to this because of the cs voting that's going on and because it's amazing. thanks for making this

@killiannjones ahhhhh omg THANK YOU! I'm so so happy to know you like it! I've been listening to a lot of cs playlists while voting myself, so knowing people are enjoying it while supporting our ship this means a lot to me - especially because most of these songs are my absolute favourite tunes ever. Thank you so much, cupcake! :D