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Русское блаженство [Russian Bliss]


A compilation of upbeat Russian folk and modern songs, featuring Земфира, Звери, and С.О.К.

This mix comprises one half of "Russian Soul." The other half, Russian Sorrow, can be listened to here: http://8tracks.com/ofyourshadow/russian-sorrow.

20 tracks
2 comments on Русское блаженство [Russian Bliss]

A heartfelt thank you for this mix from a fellow russian, friend.
I'm not big on russian music generally, but it was a welcome surprise to see a whole mix (and a big one) dedicated to it. I think you made a really good selection of songs, thanks for an awesome job.

Надо нам русским усиливать своё присутствие на буржуйском портале и продвигать нашу музыку! Как считаешь? А то буржуи кроме калинки-малинки ничего не слышали!