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Exotik Fuzzz Freakout vol.5

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I like when the "Five Travellers" go "oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh". I first heard another version of the song by what seems to be another Czech (or Polish?) band.

Sorry for the late answer. I don't know any other version of "Midsummer night", but maybe you've heard it credited to Olympic (czech band)... it was actually the same band! They took the name Five Travellers for an EP that was only released in France (I think). I also included a song by Olympic in this mix.

Well, let's see... if I start making one volume a week, it will take me approximately 20 years to reach a thousand. But I'll probably live like a hermit in a cave by then (it's one of my childhood's ambitions).

I'm fairly hermit-like now, but being a cabin-in-the-woods hermit would be the life for me! As long as you can play records some how...cause I need to play records.

The Tidbits, what a cute band! Actually I don't know anything about them and they're not in the mix... but I just loved the pic.