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Eleven tracks including music by mixes/songs/Adjeef%20the%20Poet" title="Search for mixes with Adjeef the Poet">Adjeef the Poet, mixes/songs/Alberto%20Y%20Lost%20Trios%20Paranoias" title="Search for mixes with Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias">Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias and mixes/songs/Dow%20Jones%20&%20The%20Industrials" title="Search for mixes with Dow Jones & The Industrials">Dow Jones & The Industrials.

11 tracks
8 comments on Ogun's birthday mix

On the other hand, I wouldn't recommend this Jeffrey Lewis EP. It's not very good, except for this one song ;)

It was my 8trax first birthday! I had a feeling you would enjoy Dow Jones... The mixes/songs/Dwarves" title="Search for mixes with Dwarves">Dwarves song is from their early recordings back in the 80's, which I discovered recently (it's really good!)

hey that jeff lewis band track is my kinda song :P seriously though, i love how it comes in. shocks you outta your seat!

hey the mixes/songs/Dwarves" title="Search for mixes with Dwarves">Dwarves! btw, the mixes/songs/Patrizia%20&%20Jimmy" title="Search for mixes with Patrizia & Jimmy">Patrizia & Jimmy and mixes/songs/dow%20jones%20&%20the%20industrials" title="Search for mixes with dow jones & the industrials">dow jones & the industrials tracks are outta this world!!!

happy anniversary and happy birthday!! wait, is this a birthday mix, or 8tracks bday? either way, congrats!! if we're talking 8tracks years, we're almost the same age! i joined this last january... i'm a year and 3 months :) hippo birdie two ewe! :P