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Eleven tracks including music by mixes/songs/Bassholes%20ft.%20April%20March" title="Search for mixes with Bassholes ft. April March">Bassholes ft. April March, mixes/songs/Cheater%20Slicks" title="Search for mixes with Cheater Slicks">Cheater Slicks and mixes/songs/Bananatrash" title="Search for mixes with Bananatrash">Bananatrash.

12 tracks
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Thanks! I'm very glad you liked this last track! I'm learning occitan language at the moment, so I listen to a lot of occitan bands.

man, i put esg's version of moody on one of my mixes! i like the bassholes' version too! and the mixes/songs/joe%20jackson" title="Search for mixes with joe jackson">joe jackson song was awesome! reminds me of xtc