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Songs SCOTS taught us


Southern Culture On The Skids (SCOTS), another of my favourite bands. They've been around for nearly 30 years and covered a lot of great tunes in their own unique white trash/redneck/hillbilly way.
Here are 22 of the original songs.

22 tracks
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Ha - Right! I know some of these songs through SCOTS, but I never knew they were covers! Mmerci pour la leçon d'histoire de la musique!

@My Way I didn't know either, at least for some of them. They master the art of covering a song without making it sound like a cover at all. Glad you liked the mix!

I just saw them in Austin in April WITH Wanda Jackson. It was really amazing! SCOTS was so good too, as well as their new material! Merci!

Saw them in Denver one night around the time of Dirt Track Date. Toward the end of the show they brought out buckets of fried chicken and threw pieces into the crowd. Good show! On to the mix...

you didn't answer the question of if ppl ate the chicken or not :P i'm just curious, it sounds yummy and unsanitary at the same time,..i don't know if i would personally

bummer dude :( at least you were there. and i agree with mr. ogun, trying to catch food thrown at you DOES sound like a cool way to eat!! :) now to see if i can find pictures of this phenomenon!

For some reason, I couldn't order the tracks the way I intended to, they keep messing up... nevermind, enjoy anyway!

same here! and @ogun, i'm surprised you got anything to publish at all, i've been having trouble the past couple of days. it won't even let me play this mix but i'm going to try again

It's ok now! It was kind of weird yesterday, I had some "missing uploads" and some tracks that wouldn't play... but everything's back to normal!