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Summer in Siam

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ah, it finally hit me,.. i knew it looked familiar, did i get it from you? i have that sound of siam - leftfield luk thung, jazz & molam from thailand 1964-75 album also!! i'm was just about to put track 3 on a mix! i'll have to give this another spin and see which one you used! i swear, i must have gotten this album around the time we were doing our international duewet...? either that or i got it at a record store in south jersey... my mind's goin'... :P

I only used one song from that album (Soul lam plearn by the Petch Thin Thong Band) and another one by W. Petchupan on our duewet mix... or was it you who put it there? I'm not sure either... my mind's going too!