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Another garage mix that will make your ears bleed. Listen loud!!

NB: I've included a song by the Knights of the New Crusade. I know they're controversial and some people think they're a real fundamentalist christian band. I don't believe so. I love their music anyway ;)

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Dude, I checked out your blog and love your drawings. Do you have a more recent blog or is there another place I can check out your work?

Thanks!! That's very kind of you! I'm working on a new site. I'm not sure when it will be ready, but I'll let you know!

and end point. Such a pure and intense concept adding anymore to it bogs it down and detracts for the Truth and Power of the statement and sentimentality. That is My foundation and why I call myself a Fundamental Christian because that is the fundamental. I charge in life is to take Jesus back to his roots and place him as the Radical Jew he was and take him back from the conservative right who think they own him and his message of Peace Justice and brotherly love which they seem to contort and throw add ons that are true detractors to the simple and all encompassing power of LOVE. opps sorry I ramble and speak in tongues . HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

Oh, I get it. '...take (Jesus) back from the conservative right..." I can only approve (although I'm an atheist myself). Have a great day too!!

Wow, that's a lot of capital letters in LOVE! You mean some kind of universal love? I wish I could reach that level of serenity and be able to love everybody equally. But I'm far from it. Haha, OK let's say I'm an agnostic.